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Dear Frustrated Facebook Marketer,

My name is David Walker and I've been marketing online for over 20 years - in fact, I made my very first £1 online way back in 1998!

One of my favourite platforms for marketing is Facebook and I have "cracked the code" to receiving massive engagement on every post I make.

Every day, my content receives hundreds of likes, loves and comments which in turn creates an endless flow of fresh, targeted leads and sales to my business...

All for free!

Not only does this work insanely well for me, but I'm now teaching my strategy to others so they can get the same results I do...

Or even better!

But, it wasn't always like this.

For years I envied the "big name" marketers who used the platform like their own personal ATM...

Every time they made a post it'd receive hundreds of likes and comments, with people practically begging to give them their money.

I tried to do what they did, but...

Every Time I Created Some "Great Content" I Thought Would Make a Huge Impression... Radio Silence!

This happened time and time again.

No matter what I posted - text, photographs or video, it was ignored.

I didn't understand why - my content was "better" than the majority I'd see on my newsfeed...

Even that created by the successful "marketing gurus".

But, no matter what I put out there, it felt like I was talking to myself.

I was stuck and didn't know what to do to make things better...

So I did what I thought I should - put out more content:

I wrote longer, more useful posts...

I spent days scripting, shooting and editing videos...

But just endured the same lack of response.

I just didn't get it...

While other marketers flourished, I remained unsuccessful.

This was my vicious circle of social media failure:

  • I spent hours scripting, recording and editing "killer" content... only for nobody to engage with it!
  • I added thousands of new "friends"... but still felt "alone" on a platform of billions!
  • I'd reach out to new people in the Messenger... only to not receive a reply, or worse, get blocked!
  • I joined opportunity after opportunity, believing it would be more attractive to other Facebook marketers... but failed to make a single sale!

I was frustrated...

But was determined to become successful.

Then, one afternoon...

I Stumbled Across a Page Which Changed Everything For Me!

I admit, I was wasting time on Facebook...

Reading comments on posts and clicking through to the pages to find out more about the person who wrote them.

Just being nosy, I guess.

But, I clicked through to one marketer's page and what I saw floored me...

This guy was getting HUGE engagement!

I'm talking hundreds of likes, loves and comments on every post and as I dug deeper, he'd been enjoying these numbers for months.

What really struck me was he didn't look like a "stereotypical" marketer:

No brilliant white veneers or a bronzed six-pack...

No flashy bling, no shots of rented mansions or lambos by the hour either.

In fact, he had thinning hair and looked a bit geeky...

Like me.

He was just a regular guy absolutely crushing it on Facebook.

I decided if he could do it, then so could I.

I made it my mission to figure out what he was doing...

So, post by post, I reverse engineered his process and it didn't take me long to work it out.

For all the years of frustration and failure I'd experienced...

It turns out attracting huge engagement to your content is quite straightforward.

I even boiled the entire process down to just five easy-to-follow steps:

Two steps before posting a new piece of content...

The content itself...

And two further steps after posting.

When you perform those five steps your content attracts massive engagement!


Engagement = Leads & Sales!

Look, I understand "likes" alone don't put money in your bank account...

And there will be plenty of naysayers (and broke ones, at that) queuing up to tell me as much.

But, the key point they're missing is this:

Engagement is where success begins when it comes to marketing on Facebook...

Rather than it being the be all and end all in itself.

Think about it for a moment.

Your content now gets hundreds of likes, loves and comments...

Compared to just a handful previously.

Those likes, loves and comments are made by real people.

Therefore, you now have hundreds more opportunities to start conversations with people who are actively interested in what you have to say...

Do you think you could pluck out some leads and make sales in a "numbers game" scenario like that?

You bet!

Here's how it works for me and others who follow my five-step method:

  • You attract hundreds of highly targeted leads with every new post you make... and only spend a couple of minutes writing it!
  • Imagine numerous brand new "raving fans" sending you friend requests every week... desperate to discover how you can help them!
  • Relax and sit back as your Messenger blows up with targeted leads starting conversations with you... your days of hopeful "cold messaging" are over!
  • You confidently promote any product, service or opportunity of your choosing... no more "shiny object" hopping trying to find that elusive program others want to join!

After years of needless struggle, this is what it's now like for me every single day.

Once I made a few changes to what I was doing things changed very quickly.

In fact, I went from...

Zero to 100+ Likes in Just 7 Days!

And everything just snowballed from there!

When I decided to work on my engagement and finally make an impact on the platform, I had a period of a few months in mind...

I didn't need anywhere near that long!

I never would have imagined going from almost zero engagement on my content to more than 100 likes, loves and comments in just seven days.

But, that's exactly what happened and here are my posts to prove it:

(Click on any of the images to view a larger version and see the day-by-day growth!)

So, that's the engagement...

But can you really turn all those likes, loves and comments into cold, hard cash?

Yes, you can...

Don't just take my word for it, though.

How about we ask Alex S. Elliot, who followed my five-step process...

"I Went From Stuck to $200, $900
and Even $2,000 Days!"

Alex S. Elliot

"I’d followed David on Facebook for a while and decided to implement his five-step strategy to increase my engagement…

And what happened next was nothing short of miraculous:

My post engagement skyrocketed! We’re talking posts that would go viral and stay viral for up to a week or more – hundreds of comments, reactions and insane reach.

But even more impactful, was the fact it took me from being stuck in mid two-figure days (feeling like I was never gonna break through) to $200, $900 and even $2,000 days!

You can’t imagine how grateful I am to find David and I am so excited about the future using this strategy…

There’s no going back now!"

Alex S. Elliot,

Introducing: The Five Steps to Massive Engagement Cheat Sheet...

The "secret" to massive Facebook engagement and an endless supply of FREE targeted leads and sales is revealed in this five-step cheat sheet PDF.

Don't be fooled by its simplicity either - the cheat sheet has been responsible for thousands of dollars of daily sales made on social media for me and other marketers I have shared it with...

And it can do the same for you too!

With this five step cheat sheet you will learn:

  • The essential two steps before posting ANY content of your own... ignore these and your post will be dead in the water before you even begin!
  • How to create your own posts FAST and why this quickfire content will get better results than ANYTHING you have published before!
  • The "tricks of the trade" I use to create posts which hit my audience right in the feelz and compels them to engage and reach out to me!
  • The two steps you need to take AFTER you have posted your content so the leads continue to flow in for the next 24 hours... and beyond!
  • What you need to do to AVOID "Facebook Jail" and continue to flood your content with high quality engagement!

I recommend you print the cheat sheet out and have it within easy reach on your desk...

Or pin it your wall so you have the five steps in front of you to use again and again!

By using the cheat sheet you will become an engagement monster and have more leads than you can handle!

But, I want to be absolutely sure of your success using this strategy...

And just so nothing is left to chance...

I've Also Recorded 40+ Minutes of
"Over My Shoulder" Video Training
So You Can Crush All Five Steps!

The cheat sheet alone is a fantastic tool to transform your results on Facebook for the better...

I use the five steps myself every single day!

But, to help you truly understand just how powerful this cheat sheet is...

And to make nothing is missed out...

I created five training videos, one for each of the steps and over 40 minutes in total!

Watch me discuss each step in detail in the secure members area and reveal even more tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook marketing!

Here they are:

Step One - Before You Post (Part One)

(Video Length: 9 minutes, 11 seconds)

Your journey to massive Facebook engagement and the free leads and sales that goes with it begins here!

In this video, I'll guide you through the first step you need to complete before posting any content of your own.

It's the easiest step and potentially the most lucrative!

In this video, you will discover:

  • The ONE BUTTON strategy to engage with a large percentage of your Facebook friends and work the algorithm in your favour... in just minutes per day!
  • How to SLIDE into your friends DMs daily without annoying them... in fact they'll be delighted to hear from you!
  • My SECRET METHOD to target your best leads and hottest prospects in seconds using Facebook Stories... this one tip alone is worth THOUSANDS of dollars to whoever implements it!

Step Two - Before You Post (Part Two)

(Video Length: 11 minutes, 34 seconds)

The second step is a little more time intensive...

So getting it right is vital to ensure you are maximising the engagement you will receive on your own posts.

I really enjoy this step - it's how you build stronger relationships with your Facebook friends than you ever thought imaginable...

And why they will choose to do business with you over anybody else!

In this video, I will show you:

  • The optimum time period to get the best results from this step... and why any longer will WASTE your time and COST you money!
  • The most EFFECTIVE emojis to use when engaging with your friends content... and which ones to avoid!
  • How to position yourself as the individual to bring your friends SUCCESS... rather than the numerous other "friends" who engage on their content!
  • The right way to STRENGTHEN the relationship you have with your friends and foster a deeper connection than they have with 99% of the others on their list... in just a few words!
  • How to AVOID the dreaded "Facebook Jail" where you cannot react or comment... halting your lead generation efforts for up to 30 days!

Step Three - Create & Post Your Content

(Video Length: 5 minutes, 38 seconds)

With the groundwork complete, now you are in pole position to post your own content which will attract a ton of engagement!

In this video, you can watch me create a highly-engaging piece of content in real time and get my thoughts on why I'm doing it the way I do.

Spoiler Alert! This post did incredibly well so you can even swipe it and use it for yourself!

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why super short posts are the best to create for engagement... no more hours wasted creating content - you're done in just SECONDS each day!
  • The reason it is vital you post with a certain message in mind... and how it will help position you as the LEADER your Facebook friends have been searching for!
  • How to format your post correctly so it POPS... and attracts as much engagement as possible!

Step Four - After You Post (Part One)

(Video Length: 8 minutes, 20 seconds)

For our content to receive as much engagement as quickly as possible...

And also maximise the number of leads we can attract, there are two further steps we need to take.

The first happens immediately after your content goes live and I walk you through the process in this module.

By the way, remember the post we created in the previous video?

I revisit it here and reveal it received over 100 likes, loves and comments in the first few hours it was live!

In this video, you will discover:

  • The key action to perform within the first 5 to 10 minutes of your post going live... and why it ensures your post gets flooded with even MORE engagement!
  • How to put your post in front of your friends eyeballs REPEATEDLY... which demands their attention and practically forces them to engage with it!
  • The art of "mirroring" your friends... meaning no time is wasted and you're focused only on your WHITE HOT leads!

Step Five - After You Post (Part Two)

(Video Length: 6 minutes, 52 seconds)

The final step is all about building on what we've already done:

Strengthening relationships...

Starting new conversations...

And continuing to batter our content with high quality engagement!

Plus, I revisit the post created for the training and it received over 200 likes, loves and comments within 24 hours of going live!

If you were on the fence as to whether you should use it yourself...

Your decision has now been made!

In this video, I reveal:

  • Why you should "MOP UP" any leftovers... to further build relationships and increase your engagement!
  • How taking a few extra seconds can EXPONENTIALLY increase your number of conversations... generating even more leads and sales!
  • The one action which will transform you into a LEADER... while everybody else simultaneously eliminates themselves from that role!

Unlimited Leads & Sales... For Free?
What's the Catch?

I'm glad you asked...

The catch is this special five-step training is available for a low price, but this won't always be the case - it's way too valuable!

I'm also going to tell you about a special bonus in a moment which will not always be available - at any price...

And when you discover what it is you will understand why!

But don't worry...

Discovering how to attract an endless supply of highly targeted leads from Facebook - for free - is going to be much less than you think!

It will cost you a heck of a lot less than what the actual information is worth...

Remember, it's been responsible for daily sales into the hundreds, even thousands of dollars!

It also won't cost anywhere near as much as other pricey courses made by "big name" marketers who don't do this stuff even half as well as I do.

Simply watch over my shoulder as I go through each of the five steps in turn...

Without any of the fluff or filler they specialise in - I just give you the actionable information you need to get results fast!

And, it will certainly cost you a lot less in wasted time and lost sales by trying to figure it all out by yourself through trial and error.

So, onto the bonuses!

In addition to the training on how to attract free leads...

How About I Give You Proven, Highly Engaging Content to Post Too?

Done For You Bonus - 100 Hand Picked Posts!

($97 Value!)


I want to make it even easier and faster for you to get results with my five step training...

So have also provided 100 hand-picked posts for you to use right away!

This is the exact same content I use myself on a daily basis and you should see a spike in engagement the first time you post them!

Use them as is, or as inspiration for content of your own - it is entirely up to you!

This is the perfect "side-dish" to an already comprehensive training so load up your plate and enjoy!

Here's why you should use my 100 hand-picked posts right now:

  • Update your Facebook... and other social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest EFFORTLESSLY!
  • No more time wasted wondering what to post, researching topics or agonising over whether it will get results... post highly engaging content in SECONDS!
  • These posts are BATTLE TESTED... I've used them myself and they command attention and encourage engagement in even the most crowded newsfeed!
  • Plan your content in advance... using one per day will give you more than 3 MONTHS worth of posts!
  • Seriously, it doesn't get any EASIER than this... just pick and post!

PLUS! Get Even More "Done For You" Posts!

"DFY Bonus #2" - 52 Monday Posts

($47 Value!)


Get your brand new week off to the best start possible with 52 posts all about Mondays!

Here's why you should use these posts:

  • You get 52 posts all about Mondays... that's fresh content for every Monday of the year and 100% done for you!
  • Be the person who provides positive, uplifting content on a Monday... even if you're not feeling it!
  • Enjoy an easy start to the week... just pick and post!

"DFY Bonus #3" - 100 Weekend Posts

($97 Value!)


You can capture your audience's attention even when they are enjoying some downtime with these 100 posts all about the weekend!

Here's why you should use these posts:

  • You get 100 posts all about Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays... enough to post across every weekend for an entire year!
  • Lift your friends up on Friday and Saturday... and motivate them for the week ahead on Sunday!
  • Take the weekends off... and still be able to post high quality, engaging content in seconds!

"DFY Bonus #4" - 200 Love & Relationship Posts

($197 Value!)


Whether you're involved in any aspect of this industry, or you just feel your social media could use more love... you can choose from these 200 posts!

Why you should use these posts:

  • Fill your content with love... there's enough here for several posts per week for an entire year!
  • Perfect for anybody involved in the love, relationship or dating niches... for product creators or affiliates alike!
  • Even if you're not in this industry use these posts to tug on your friends heart strings... strong emotion = engagement!

And, If You Need Further Help With Any of This... You Can Reach Out to Me Personally:

Personal Access to Me in "The Walker Way" Facebook Group

($497 Value!)


I want you to be reassured I am invested in YOUR success.

Sure, the five-step training to massive Facebook engagement is about as straightforward as it gets...

And the "done for you" posts mean you don't even have to come up with your own content to attract a landslide of free leads.

But, I get you may still need some more help...

Or have further questions which need answering.

So, I'd also like to invite you to join The Walker Way Facebook Group where I'll be available to give you any extra help, tips and advice you need.

Here's why you should join the group:

  • Get your questions answered by me FAST... even though this training is mostly "done for you", you'll never feel stuck or have to figure things out alone!
  • NETWORK with other members in the group... motivate, inspire and engage with each other! Who knows where a conversation could lead!
  • SHARE ideas for new posts with the community... never run out of content and keep the leads and sales flowing!
  • Receive FEEDBACK on your content from me and other successful group members... we can all improve together!
  • Enjoy exclusive "Group only" training for FREE... to future-proof your marketing and stay at the cutting edge of what's working right now!

So David, What's the Cost of Endless Fresh, Targeted and FREE Leads From Facebook?

A lot less than you think.

What I'm offering you here is the simplified Five Steps to Massive Facebook Engagement Cheat Sheet...

Which has already been responsible for making hundreds of dollars, even $2,000 in a single day!

You're also getting over 40 minutes of "over my shoulder" video training where I go over each of the steps in detail...

I create a post for you in real time (which you can also use yourself) and reveal even more tips and insights along the way!

I'm also handing you $438 worth of "done for you" posts...

So you don't even need to create your own content to attract leads and make sales!

Plus, I'm also giving you personal access to me via my Facebook Group worth at least $497...

Although receiving further guidance from me and having your questions answered could be worth many thousands of dollars to you!

There's no other way to say it...

My five-step strategy just works.

The potential to make hundreds of dollars in a single day...

Even thousands of dollars as shown on this page...

Means I could reasonably sell this training for $497.

And as I collect even more feedback, testimonials and case studies from marketers who have successfully used the strategies...

The training would be a bargain if I reduced that figure to $297.

But right now, I won't ask anywhere near that figure...

I want my five steps to help as many people as possible.

So, if you're somebody who likes to take advantage of a great opportunity...

Rather than wait for others to get results so I can legitimately increase the cost of the training before you get involved...

Then you won't pay $497 today.

You won't pay $297...

Or even $97.

Today, you can get access to everything on this page for just $7.

Your Purchase Today Is Also 100% Risk Free!

Love My Training... Or Your Money Back!

I am confident you will LOVE my Five Steps to Massive Facebook Engagement training!

I am sure you will love using the cheat sheet and following the video training to attract endless targeted free leads from Facebook.

I’m sure you will love the results you get from using the hundreds of “done for you” posts I’ve also included as a bonus.

I’m sure you will love being a part of my Facebook Group too.

But, if don’t and would rather carry on posting content on Facebook which gets ignored by 99% of your audience and does not generate leads or make sales, then just contact me within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll refund every penny.

Remember, you have enough “done for you” bonus content here to last you for 60 days and beyond and even if you don’t follow the steps in the training from day one, you still have plenty of time to check it out and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

However, if you do implement the training immediately, then you could also see an immediate improvement in not only your engagement, but also your leads and sales before the 60 days is up!

This is a Limited Time Offer!

I'll be serious with you for a moment...

I can't "give away" all this training, done for you bonus content and personal access to me for just $7 forever.

I'm still building up to telling my accountant!

At some point the training will increase in price...

It's too powerful not to and has already been responsible for thousands of dollars in online sales.

Plus, I can't allow an infinite number of people to have personal access to me in my Facebook Group either.

As much as I'd love to, there are so many hours in the day I can spend answering questions and helping others build their businesses while taking time away from my own.

So, the Facebook Group bonus isn't always going to be available.

If you want to do things the "The Walker Way" when it comes to massive Facebook engagement, free lead generation and daily sales...

Then obviously, you can only get this training from me.

I'd love to have the opportunity to help take you closer to where you want to be...

So act now if you want in.

"Everybody Should Be Doing This!"

Jonny Hobbs

"Before using David's five-step method I was getting little to zero engagement on my Facebook posts. Within the space of just two weeks I have gone from zero to 30+ likes and comments. This will only grow as time goes by and has already increased my leads and sales.

What held me back was I didn't know what to post so the game changer here is the 100 'done for you' posts. Do not underestimate the power of using them - I have seen such a massive increase in engagement just by picking and posting!

The training is so easy and simple to follow - the detail and value you get is incredible!

If you have an online business and are looking to attract more leads then I highly recommend this. Apply the methods, be consistent and you will see a huge increase in engagement!

Everybody should be doing this!"

Jonny Hobbs,

"My Engagement Has Increased Significantly!"

Ed Junior

"Your five-step engagement cheat sheet and 'done for you' posts have been very effective for me. My engagement has increased significantly! I know it will continue to increase as long as I continue to implement your strategies. Thanks!"

Ed Junior,

"A Real Plan of Action to Follow!"

Jason Daly

"Since applying the training I'm getting more engagement and faster than ever before!

The video training is a perfect compliment to the cheat sheet and gives you a real plan of action to follow!

Good stuff David!"

Jason Daly,

"This Has Lit A Fire Under Me!"

Steven Suchar

"My engagement has increased after following the strategies before and after I post content on Facebook. This has lit a fire under me to do even more as we get out what we put in!"

Steven Suchar,

"I'd Recommend This to Anyone!"

Justin Teo

"The training is very newbie-friendly and it is easy to navigate through the members area and the video modules. There's even a bonus for you to use as your post content!

I'd recommend this training to anyone - advanced marketers and newbies alike, who want massive engagement on their Facebook posts!"

Justin Teo,

Transform Your Facebook Posts
From a Barren Wasteland Into
An Oasis in the Desert!

Enjoy more engagement on your content...

More leads...

And more sales than you ever thought possible!

Here's what you get if you act now:

  • Five Step Cheat Sheet to Massive Engagement

    The one page shortcut which has been responsible for hundreds, even thousands of dollars in daily sales!

  • Video Training - Step One

    Video Length: 9 minutes, 11 seconds
    Including: My secret method to target your best leads and hottest prospects using Facebook Stories!

  • Video Training - Step Two

    Video Length: 11 minutes, 34 seconds
    How to avoid “Facebook Jail” which can stop your lead generation dead for up to 30 days!

  • Video Training - Step Three

    Video Length: 5 minutes, 38 seconds
    Including: How to format your post so it pops and attracts as much engagement as possible!

  • Video Training - Step Four

    Video Length: 8 minutes, 20 seconds
    Including: How to put your posts in front of your friends repeatedly, practically forcing them to engage with it!

  • Video Training - Step Five

    Video Length: 6 minutes, 52 seconds
    Including: How to exponentially increase your number of conversations, generating even more leads and sales!

  • Done For You Bonus #1 - 100 Hand Picked Posts

    Update Facebook and your other social media accounts effortlessly using these battle-tested posts which command attention! ($97 Value!)

  • Done For You Bonus #2 - 52 Monday Posts

    Fresh content for every Monday of the year and 100% done for you! Provide uplifting content on a Monday, even if you’re not feeling it! ($47 Value!)

  • Done For You Bonus 3 - 100 Weekend Posts

    Enough posts to cover every weekend for an entire year! Lift your friends up on Friday and Saturday and motivate them for the week ahead on Sunday! ($97 Value!)

  • Done For You Bonus 4 - 200 Love & Relationship Posts

    Fill your content with love – enough for several posts per week for a whole year! Perfect for those involved in the love, relationships or dating niches! ($197 Value!)

  • "The Walker Way" Facebook Group Access

    Get your questions answered by me fast, network with other members of the group and enjoy exclusive group only training and no extra cost! ($497 Value!)

Enjoy Massive Engagement,
Endless Free Leads & Sales
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If you're ready to enjoy an endless flow of free leads and sales...

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Don't just believe what I have said here...

But believe the results my customers have also shared on this page!

You could soon join them as my next success story!

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Thank you for reading my letter today...

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I hope you enjoy my five-step training and bonuses and look forward to hearing about your success very soon!

David Walker

P.S. Remember, this training will not always be available for this special price of just $7...

Nor will personal access to me via my Facebook Group.

You get a full 60 days to test-drive the training videos and the "done for you" bonuses...

And if you're unhappy with either, I'll give you all of your money back!

My customers have proven the training works and since it's easier to follow a simple, five-step plan to get massive engagement on Facebook and enjoy the free leads and sales which come with it...

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Your content will continue to be ignored and the limited audience who sees it won't be interested in your products, services or opportunities.

Sounds harsh, but it's true.

At best, you'll be a "recreational" content publisher...

Because there will be no financial reward at the end of it.

At worst, you will carry on like this for years until you give up completely...

Or waste even more money chasing "magic bullets" rather than following a simple, five-step method which just plain works.

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